Microphones & Audio Equipment for Sale

Audio and radio station equipment and parts for sale, including microphones. Also spare parts and other equipment.

All prices are ex. VAT. To order online, choose the item(s) you want and then go to my online ordering page to pay securely either via card.

Page last updated: 2 May, 2018

Item(s) Description Price
Beyer DT100 headphones Slight rusting on metal headband. £50
Sonifex Micro HS cart players spares Illuminated switches - include switch, lens, diffuser, and lamp:
Highland 31LL-453-036 switch, square head, non-locking (yellow lens) £2.50 ea. View pic1
Highland 31LL-423-036 switch, rectangular head, non-locking (red and green lenses) £2.50 ea.
View pic1   pic2
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