Jingle CDs

Original jingle demo CDs originally purchased from 1998 - 2004.
All these CDs are the original CDs and are in this cases with inlay cards, all in excellent condition.

£10 ex. VAT each except where stated

Overseas postage £5 per order.
To order online, choose the CDs you want and then go to my online ordering page to pay securely via card.

The Veronica Story - double CD
Radio Veronica music themes on one CD, jingles and other clips on the 2nd. Rare.
Up And Down The Dial - book by KenR
Yes, a physical book! Enjoy this mint condition, unread copy of KenR's second book for just £17. Signed copy.

All of the following are all original demo CDs (not copies)

JAM Jingle Demo CDs
Classic JAM (2CD)
Jingle All The Way (holiday jingles)  
Hot Radio ID Packages Vol. 1  
Authentic 80s JAM  
AC Vol. 4  
News Talk Vol. 1  
Z World  
AC Vol. 2  
News Talk Vol. 2  
Country Vol. 2  

Other Jingle Companies
Pirate Radio Jingles from the 1980s (EAP)  
ILR Radio ID Packages (Alfasound & JAM)  
Steve England ID Collection Vol. 1 Mainly JAM
Steve England ID Collection Vol. 2 Mainly JAM
Steve England ID Collection Vol. 3 Mainly JAM

Ben Eden Jingles
I had a number of jingles sung by KenR with the name "BEN EDEN" in 1998 and 2000. They are mainly PAMS jingles and acapellas, by KenR, plus voice-overs by Rick Hall (US), Greg Marston (UK), Dan Harper (UK), John Wells (US), Susan Thompson (US), Charlie Van Dyke (US) and others. No station name is sung and they are generally along the lines of 'the best music / more music' etc. rather than anything too specific.
If your name is Ben Eden or if you'd like your 'nom de radio' to be Ben Eden and you would like to buy them, you can immediately have a number of your own custom jingles!
You even get the physical paper musical scores for the sung jingles that the singers used in the recording session!
They cost me well over £1,500 so if you are interested, please contact me directly.


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