Photography by Ben Baxter

Ben's photography has won many accolades and awards over the years. A professional photographer, Ben will shortly be publishing his 3rd photo book "Lies through a Lens" by Harker Collins, a follow up to "Zoomopolis" and "Macrotron".

"When Product Photography Goes Wrong" (right) is currently being written.

Plasma ball
Land's End, Cornwall
Lichen on a bench in Gloucestershire
Sunset in Amberley, Gloucestershire
Warwick Castle
Warwickshire Countryside
North Yorkshire Moors
Chickens in Cumbria
Bayeux Cathedral, France
Monet's Garden, near Paris
Flower in Monet's Garden
Reflections in Monet's pond
Ducks in Great Ayton
Whitby Piers, North Yorkshire
Rooftops in Whitby's Old Town
St. Mary's Church, Whitby
St. Mary's Church Yard, Whitby
Whitby Abbey
River Esk, Whitby
Inside a Sonifex Cart Machine's component 'city'
Cumbrian hills Steel works, Teesside 199 Steps, Whitby South Gair, Teesport
The Bee in Robert Brindleys' Garden
A leaf in Villiers Fossard, France
A flower in David C. Evans' garden
Butterfly in Cumbria

If you would like high resolution version of any of the photographs on this page, please contact me directly.

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