I voice phone system prompts, voicemail greetings, IVR prompts, radio station idents, store announcements, commericals, answerphone messages and other voice tracks for individuals, companies and corporations in the UK and around the world.

Heard on:

Eurovisio Radio, Belgium (station voice)
Sands FM, Gran Canaria (station voice)
UK radio stations
In-store announcements for major retail chains
Telephone IVR voice-prompt and on-hold systems for global brands
AV presentations across Europe
Websites around the world

What can I say for you?

  • IVR / recorded phone messages
  • Answerphone / voicemail greetings
  • On hold messages
  • Trade fair / YouTube / Vimeo video presentation narration
  • IVR Phone Surveys
  • Website audio / greetings
  • In-store announcements

... and almost anything else you can think of!

More details, audio samples and online ordering on the link below:

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Fun stuff:

If you think you have a nice voice to share with the world and would charge less than me, then feel free to poach my future customers by becoming a voice-over! Recently voted the 10th coolest occupation in a survey somewhere, it will provide you with a comfortable living if you are good at it, or a fun part-time job and requests for refunds if you are not.

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